Professionalism, Versatility and Vibe is what Soul Sound DJs are reknown for. 

Perth Venue DJ

Our team only consists of highly experienced Club DJs, so expect quality music, seamless mixes and that perfect "Soul Sound" atmosphere.

We are dedicated to creating the right ambience based on your preference for your venue. Whether you are after an ultra funky party scene or something a little more sophisticated, Soul Sound DJs will catch your vibe.

When it comes to music we are the masters of manipulation. What we mean by this is that we encourage bar rotation through our song selection. The aim here is to ensure your patrons are enjoying the bar just as much as they are enjoying the dancefloor. The outcome here is ensuring a higher turnover by keeping your bartenders busy. 

Most importantly, Soul Sound DJs are experienced in building prominent club and pub nights with return customers. Through our musical programming we are committed to turning a venue's patrons into loyal regulars. We do this by creating a vibe that is fun and appealing, no matter your age or demographic. 

Some of the venues in Perth our DJs have performed or held residencies at include:

The Library, Universal Bar, Eve, Niche, Llama Bar, Metro City, The Leederville Hotel, The Paddington Ale House and more.

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